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 Clan Bank Rules/How it Works

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Clan Bank Rules/How it Works Empty
PostSubject: Clan Bank Rules/How it Works   Clan Bank Rules/How it Works I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 24, 2015 2:56 pm

Clan Bank Rules

1: To prevent breaking the rules only I will have access to the clan bank.

Note: The clan bank will be a separate account to prevent confusion, it will not be my main.

2: All items/sets can be added to the clan bank.

3: Coins can be added to the clan bank, in stacks of;

- 100,000
- 250,000
- 500,000
- 750,000
- 1,000,000

4: The clan bank will only be accessed when;

- An event takes place.

- A member of Synergy requests to borrow an item/set from the clan bank.

Note: When an item/set is requested from the clan bank, before trading the item/set in question I must get permission from the person whom donated the item/set.

5: Upon a donation I am to add the donation to the list provided on the offsite.

6: I will not use any of your donated coins/items for my personal use, they will remain in the clan bank until they're withdrawn for an event and/or a loan.

How it Works

Example 1 - Trades me 1,000,000 Coins and a Guthan's warspear.

Example 2 - Trades me 500,000 Coins and a Guthan's helm.

These items are added to the list as follows;

Example 1
1,000,000 Coins
Guthan's warspear

Example 2
500,000 Coins
Guthan's helm

An event takes place, I use 750,000 Coins of Example 1's Coins donation.

I use 100,000 Coins of Example 2's 500,000 Coins donation.

Now the list looks like this;

Example 1
250,000 Coins
Guthan's warspear

Example 2
400,000 Coins
Guthan's helm

Note: Each person can clearly see what items and the amount of coins that they have donated are left in the clan bank so that they can decide whether or not it's time for another donation.

A member of Synergy (Example 4) requests to borrow the Guthan's set that Example 3 has donated to the clan bank.

Example 3
3,000,000 Coins
Guthan's set

Once I've had permission by Example 3 to loan the item/set to Example 4, the item will be traded to Example 4 and his/her name will be provided beside the item on the list.

Example 3
3,000,000 Coins
Guthan's set (Borrowed by: Example 4)

Note: Items/sets are available for a loan during any event, including god wars dungeon, castle wars, pest control and so on. That's all for now, I hope we can all agree on these rules.
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Clan Bank Rules/How it Works
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